and our quirky Colorado outdoor addictions


Hi, my name is Connie, an avid outdoor enthusiast and I literally get crazy with excitement each time I wander around all the hidden gems in Colorado. Hoping to inspire you, engage you and most definitely help send you on your way to becoming a quirky Colorado outdoor addict!

I’ve had the privilege of living in the mountains of Colorado for most of my life. Such an adventure here raising my kids. I dragged them everywhere from the time they were just tiny tots. I now drag my husband everywhere, which he does with a smile and a little hesitation, wondering “where are we going”… “what are we gonna do”… “how far up are we gonna hike”… “really, paddleboarding”… “did you say skiing” …. and so on… he’s a good sport!

No matter where you are there’s wonder at every turn, in this, our Colorado. For myself, it is where GOD speaks to me, takes my burdens in the quietness of his creation, into the mountains, down a trail… summer or winter.

On other days it is the fun atmosphere of so many festivals, funky towns, eateries, fun shops, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

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Sapphire Point is Views, Trails & Chipmunks

Sapphire Point is Views, Trails & Chipmunks

Head out for a short drive from Breckenridge or Dillon, in the heart of Colorado’s Ski Country and find a “not-to-be missed” easy peasy trail, Sapphire Point Overlook. Just the perfect spot for bringing kiddos, elderly, visitors and newbie hikers.   Sapphire...

Colorful Fun Hiking Gifts for Her

Gifts for Colorful Women - HIT THE TRAIL IN COLOR    Hiking gifts for her all started when I went looking for hiking clothing and gear for myself and all I could find was beige, khaki and dull greens… Hence, the idea for this search of color in women’s hiking clothes...

Red Rock Trail a Mini Garden of the Gods!

Red Rock Trail a Mini Garden of the Gods!

Who knew a mini Garden of the Gods was hiding on Red Rock Trail in Woodland Park!  We discovered this hidden gem out of curiosity while coming off of Mule Trail just across the street.   Note: Many of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a very...