Arizona was a treat and so invigorating! In the month of January, I spent a week in Scottsdale, AZ  with a girlfriend and found amazing trails I’d love to share. It was a shock to be warm and wear less than our Colorado winters. My first love is still Colorado. However, I would do this again! I wanted to share these few trails for those who like to explore beyond.

5 hikes that surprised and exceeded our expectations and left us in awe of Arizona’s incredibly scenic trails. 


Located in Gold Canyon, Superstition Mountains.

Lovely rugged canyon walls as we hiked a rocky path along a ridgeline through desert cacti. It’s a gradual climb until the end.  After a short scramble on large rocks here is the reward. Indian Hieroglyphics and pools of water with small waterfalls cascading into each pool. Young and old taking a dip.

This was genuinely a true Arizona experience. 

>CLICK HERE for details on the hike. 


Salt River Wild Horses, Arizona wild horses, Coon Bluff Recreation Area

Located at Coon Bluff Recreation Area and home to 500 Wild Horses in the lower Salt River. 

This was not a hike but certainly one of the best highlights of our trip and one not to miss! Not only for the change to spot wild horses but the area itself is striking. You will want to go back. 

We did 2 trips to Coon Bluff, one was in the early morning and we did not find the horses. The next day in the evening left us standing mystified among 50+ stunning wild horses. A magical 2 hours!

 >CLICK HERE for how & when to spot the horses.



Located along the shores of Saguaro Lake in Tonto National Forest.

Loved this easy-going trail meandering around the fingers of Saguaro Lake. The views are unbeatable as we hiked through terrain studded with majestic Saguaros.

Enough gradual changes in elevations to add variety without much exertion. Rocky areas in spots but perfect for new hikers and kids. The Sonoran Desert is sprinkled with Cholla, Jojoba, and Prickly Pear and is gorgeous!

Amazing peaceful morning hike. Highly recommend >CLICK HERE for more information.


Sedona hikes, Sedona, easy trails in Sedona, family friendly hikes in Sedona, Less crowded trails in Sedona, Arizona hikes

Fay Canyon Trail – Sedona

A stroll through towering sandstone walls was one of the most peaceful trails I’ve encountered in my years’ hiking. Lots of different vegetation and trees. Very easy.

With only limited time (we arrived late) this hike was just a taste of what Sedona has to offer. Can’t wait to go back. (stop at the Visitor Center when entering Sedona for a trail map of the area). 

Sedona is everything you hear and more! Simply gorgeous > CLICK HERE for information on hiking Sedona.


Kiwanis Trail, South  Mountain

Rugged and slightly challenging if you are new to hiking. A breathtaking short hike to Telegraph Lookout where the views are!

Hiking the Phoenix Summit Challenge one year with my daughter, a Javelina ran past us on South Mountain. Clueless to the wilds of Arizona it was a treat and a shock!

> CLICK HERE for South Mountain trails map


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Just as described: tranquil beauty of the desert plants amount red rocks of the Sonoran Desert. Pricey, yet a nice leisurely stroll.


Sensational! Adventurous and the most popular trail in Scottsdale. I have previously hiked this years ago with my daughter & did it this trip just because! Don’t miss it if in Phoenix. Crowded, but I did park eventually. I forgot my camera and sadly did not get photos.


All these trails listed are easy, slightly moderate. Perfect for families. I did this trip with a friend who is not an avid hiker so choose according to her ability. Loved them all. 

Except for Camelback. That I did on my own. That was more challenging. 

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Can't wait to see you on the trail!

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Note: Many of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission (at no added cost to you).