Ben Tyler Trail is a winter haven that few know about located just 20 minutes past Bailey, CO. on Hwy 285. Most just pass it by as they head to the high country for winter snowshoeing. Don’t, it’s quiet and a gorgeous winter hike as it leads you far into the Lost Creek Wilderness Area.


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We have passed Ben Tyler Trailhead on so many occasions that after hiking the trail we want to go back in every season! It’s February and we decided to beat the winter highway traffic to the high country. So we stopped and were thrilled that we did. What a gem of a trail.



From the start, the trail is a mixture of snowpack, dirt, and ice. Not thinking that we would encounter deeper snows we only had our microspikes on our boots, leaving our snowshoes in the car. That was a mistake!




After several steep icy, snowy switchbacks to start we land in a meadow of sunshine and no snow. Soon after we reach the Lost Creek Wilderness Signpost and conditions change.



Greeted with a snow-packed canyon path alongside a dry creekbed leaves our skin tingling with cold air as we start climbing higher into an Aspen paradise.




Haven’t seen another hiker yet today, The quiet is intense which is the solitude that comes from winter hiking. A beauty like no other as we pass snow-filled landscapes with shadows from the sun.





It’s a lung buster as we head farther and farther into the mountain. The trail continues to be snow-packed from previous outdoor enthusiasts and microspikes keep us going. But not for much longer. Previous winds that howl through this valley have left snowdrifts and we lost the trail at about 3 miles in. Ah, the snowshoes in the car!

I’m unsure if we would have continued with snowshoes since the trail seemed lost in the drifts and possibly we might not have found our way.




Nonetheless, it was a spectacular day and a great workout. I can see with all the Aspens, Ben Tyler Trail would be popular for fall hiking. I can only imagine the wildflowers along the creekbed and meadows. A trail to do in every season.





Packed snow trails from previous hikers leave easy hiking into a winter wonderland. If that’s for you, go a few days after a significant snowfall. At the beginning of this hike, I was disappointed at first seeing dirt and icy conditions, however, I found after a mile or so this was just what we wanted. Snow and more snow!

>>> ALWAYS check CAIC/ Colorado Avalanche Information Center the week you plan to hike for updates! If looks iffy, don’t go!


11.8 miles out & back

Rated: hard

3,428″ elevation gain

No restroom

Limited parking

Dogs ok

Lost Creek Wilderness

Pike National Forest

A trail you want to be prepared for with appropriate hiking gear. At high altitudes, dehydration plus fickle weather is always something to consider. f. for a look at Practical gear that we love at Crazy About Colorado and have in our backpacks on every hike >>>  CLICK HERE




Hoping one or two or all of them grab your heart and lead you out to Colorado winter hiking!

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Note: Many of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission (at no added cost to you).