Explore Summit County on 4 Sweet Trails…

Four easy trails in 4 charming locations in the heart of Colorado’s high country.

Hike under the ski lifts in Breck, meander along the Aspens in Frisco, hike into the forest to magical fairytale lakes and lastly, mingle with the chipmunks and view Lake Dillon.

You’ll love these trails, as you move to each Trailhead at different locations going around Lake Dillon. Each one offers something different … unveiling Colorado in unexpected ways.


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Sweet hike under Snowflake Ski Lift, Sawmill Gulch Trail, Breckenridge, CO

Distance: 1.5 miles out & back
Rated: Easy

You’ll be surprised how beautiful the short trail is as you hike under Snowflake chairlift in the heart of Breckenridge.

Suddenly you’re in deep forests with soft pine needle paths, alongside a flowing creek slowly making its way down the mountain. You’ll cross a couple of bridges towards the end and find yourself at wooden stair steps. Climb up and your in an incredible park-like setting, wide-open views, and a stunning lake, Sawmill Reservoir.

Perfect for families and visitors for a “get outside” day. A great way to experience Colorado’s Mountains without much effort.

Summer in Breckenridge, you simply can’t go wrong.

                                                                                         More on Sawmill Gulch Trail

You can spend all day on one trail or try a family challenge and do them in one day. 


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Hike, bike or snowshoe, Rainbow Lake Trail is a treat, Frisco, CO

Distance: 2.1 miles out & back
Rated: Easy

A sweet, short Colorado hike, one of many trails behind Frisco, CO, below Mt. Royal.

Bring the kids, the dogs, your hiking boots in summer or snowshoes in winter, this trail is exceptional.

Start off on boardwalks across wetlands and enter into tall aspens as you make your way to Rainbow Lake. Keep your eyes open for moose sightings along the path, they like it here too. Locals use this Trail year-round for its easy access and many uses.

You’ll love it for its simple beauty and relaxing atmosphere.

                                                                           More on Rainbow Lake Trail


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Lily Pad Lakes Trail, magical, fairytale-like setting hiding in Silverthorne, CO

Distance: 3.3 miles out & back
Rated: Easy

Reaching Lily Pad Lake is like walking into a fairytale.

This trail is a gem. You’ll find it’s not much when starting out, but keep going, soon you’re into the forest and hiking deeper into magical lush greens, tall lodgepole pines, and crossing small trickles of water crisscrossing on the path.

Truly an unexpected surprise when reaching the lakes. Flowering Lily pads cover the lake’s surface. Take every social trail you can find and wander around both lakes. Abundant wildflowers and birdsong greet you in summer.

Sweeping views of Dillon Reservoir as you hike back is a treat.

                                                                                   More on Lily Pad Trail


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Best View in Summit County, Sapphire Point Overlook & Trail, Dillon CO

Distance: 1/2 mile loop
Rated: Easy

Not to be missed for its Incredible views of Colorado’s Ski Country.

The trail is a gentle 0.6-mile loop through tall pines & wildflowers. Doesn’t sound like much for a seasoned hiker but its beauty is captivating and never a disappointment.

Picnic tables and manmade teepees along the trail make it a great family outing, a place to show off to out-of-towners, especially those wanting to see Colorado and can’t do the big hikes.

Chipmunks great you as they scramble among the rocks.

                                                                                    More on Sapphire Point

Hoping these 4  trails, in the heart of Colorado’s High Country, will get you excited about hiking and make you giddy about getting out there.