Breckenridge Trails Loop hike is a mixture of 3 trails we found under the name, Colorado Trail, Campion Trail, and Hippo Trail Loop on the AllTrails App.

It was a great trail, a great workout, and miles of high peaks views within a pine forest and meadows. It is early May today and seeing the first sign of wildflowers popping up was exciting!



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Easy access yet somewhat confusing the trailhead is located across the street from the parking area and starts between a housing/resort area. Cross the bridge, and watch for the Colorado Trail signpost. Follow the trail uphill and you will reach an intersection (with no names on it!). Going right takes you on the Colorado Trail and going left takes you on the Campion Trail. Both directions take you to the Hippo Trail. Thus, making a loop hike.


We opted for going left after reading that it was the best way to start. However, either direction would be fine we decided after hiking the entire loop.

It’s steep and continues for quite a while on an uphill trek from the start through forests and meadows. Crossing wood bridges and finding enormous amounts of fresh moose droppings.

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If you decide to go left, turn around often and watch the high peaks appear. It’s incredible. The higher you go the more spectacular the views. We ran across a bench on the trail and sat and marveled for a bit.


The forest is ever-changing, from new small pine trees to tall lodgepole pine forests. Coming into view is the backside of the mountain and the peaks of Boreas and Hoosier Pass appear. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks!


Campion Trail intersects with Hippo Trail. We almost missed the sign, actually going straight for a 1/4 mile before realizing it. It’s a small paper sign at the moment telling of Trail Maintenance being done soon. 

It’s obvious if you read it! Otherwise, AllTrails app has this trail mapped well. 

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After hiking Hippo Trail I can see why trail maintenance is coming. Lots of down trees on the trail to go over and under but still very passable.

Now we are on the Colorado Trail headed back. It’s peaceful and the views are continuous all the way down. Lots of water in the marshy meadows alongside us in and out of forests. Keeping a lookout for Moose sightings but never saw one.

Recommend for getting outside, getting acclimated to high altitude, and enjoying nature. Looking for a more exhilarating day hike near Breckenridge, check out the trails listed below.

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LOCATED: Take Revette Dr off of Hwy 9 for a 1/8 mile. You will see a dirt parking area on your right. Trailhead across the road. Be mindful and don’t park in residential areas. 


Colorado Trail, Campion Trail, and Hippo Trail Loop

6.5 Mile Loop

Rated: moderate

Elevation gain: 1,338′

Dogs ok

Open to hiking, mountain bikes

Horseshoe Gulch Trail System

Summit County

White River National Forest


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McCullough Gulch Trail

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Mohawk Lakes Trail

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Crystal Lakes Trail

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Can't wait to see you on the trail!