Devil’s Canyon Trail, an unknown hiking haven…

One of Colorado’s best kept outdoor secrets, Pueblo Mountain Park, tucked in the Wet Mountains, is a year-round hiking haven. 6 miles of glorious trails in the Park with access to more trails into the National Forest.

We decided on Devil’s Canyon Trail, after I’d heard that a stretch of the trail called “Devil’s Dribble” was a little daunting, but exciting.


Hiking Devils Canyon Trail, Pueblo Mountain Park, Colorado Outdoors 

When entering Pueblo Mountain Park, you wonder if this is the right place. Doesn’t look like your average Park setting.

It’s not fancy, lacked well groomed roads, and had the feel of the true outdoors. We loved it.

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Pueblo Mountain Park, Colorado’s Best-Kept Outdoor Secret

Devils Canyon Trailhead began with a mixture of ponderosa, juniper, yucca, cacti & late season wildflowers. Hiking a steady incline, the valley below came into view for a short time but soon we were in the trees.

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A hike along the trails of Pueblo Mountain Park, Colorado

Lots of rocks, leaves, twigs, we hiked through until reaching a high point with astonishing views.

Such a diverse area, each bend leading to new terrain and rich with outdoor wonder. Not knowing what to expect next keep us enthralled.

Looking northwest, a glimpse of the City of Pueblo and looking southwest at rock outcroppings deep in the forest, it felt like our own little paradise. I commented several times how quiet it was.

Pueblo Mtn. Park

Views overlooking Buelah Valley and the Wet Mountains, Colorado

Devils Dribble came upon us hiking down. Actually surprised us. Scrambling down, between towering rocks on each side of us, we ended up in an “only one-way down” situation. Through a narrow, steep, water dribbling down, rock canyon. We simply slide down it like a slide, soaking wet when we hit the bottom.

Hidden gem

Devil’s Dribble, adds a little adventure to Devil’s Canyon Trail, Colorado

It’s just a few feet, a little dramatic, yet tremendous fun. You land on flat ground and are immediately hiking back into the forest and the trail is easy going.

Eventually connecting to “Mace Trail”, ending in a nice loop hike back to our car.

Download a printable map of all the trails in Pueblo Mountain Park, and access trails to the National Forest.

Visit the Mountain Parks Environmental Center near the entrance of the Park to find much more going on here than just hiking.

The Park’s Historic Horseshoe Lodge offers unique accommodations and more. (we’ve put this one on our list!)

Pueblo Mountain Park is minutes from the quaint mountain town of Buelah, CO., in the Buelah Valley, 30 minutes from Pueblo, CO

Trails within the Park rated: easy to moderate
Open year-round to: hiking, snowshoeing, horseback riding
San Isabel National Forest

Another little known hiking haven is in Florence Mountain Park, Newlin Creek Trail, an exhilarating hike with waterfall after waterfall as you trek up a moderately steep canyon.