Hopelessly in love with the outdoors? Here is a sneak peek into our favorite Colorado trails for your Colorado summer hiking bucket list.

Some are quiet, some are popular, some are harder than others but all offer up Colorado outdoors in amazing ways and we’ve loved all of them. If new to hiking or to Colorado or an avid hiker there is one for you… or 2 or 3 or… all of them!

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To kickstart the trails, why not start with our most favorite hike to date!


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BLUE LAKES TRAIL – Ridgway Colorado

Rated: Hard  – 6.3 miles out and back

Rated hard always intimidated me before until we hiked Blue Lakes Trail. It was a bit of a scramble to reach the Upper Blue Lakes but its doable so don’t let the rating scare you! It’s one of the most breathtaking hikes we’ve done. For more info: Blue Lakes Trail, Beyond Expectations!


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PTARMIGAN LAKE – Cottonwood Pass

Rated: moderate – 6.2 miles out and back

Love this hike! Thought we were in paradise. Located almost to the top of Cottonwood Pass the views are remarkable. Little pikas running around and wildflowers everywhere. Perfect first backpacking trip. For more info: Ptarmigan Lake Trail is Pristine Colorado Hiking



Rated: easy to moderate – 6.2 miles out and back to Browns Creek Falls

Rated: moderate to strenuous – 12 miles out and back to Browns Lake

Just hiking to Browns Falls is amazing and most stop here but if you want to push yourself a bit farther, this is the hike for you. The falls are one of Colorado’s best and Browns Lake was a complete surprise! For more info: Brown Lake Trail an Adventurous Day HIke


A trail you want to be prepared for with appropriate hiking gear. Please check out “What’s in Your Day Pack” for a list of items to consider hiking anytime. 



Rated: easy – 2.2 miles out and back from the parking lot.

You simply can’t go wrong hiking to Judd Falls or any trail near Crested Butte. Judd Falls is a hike for all levels and if new to hiking, you’ll soon be hooked! The drive to the trailhead is packed with wildflowers in summer. For more info: Judd Falls is a Colorado Experience!





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BRIDGEPORT TRAIL – Dominguez Canyon Wilderness

Rated: easy/moderate – Bridgepoint Trail –  7-14 miles out and back

Off the beaten path doesn’t even begin to explain the unsurpassed beauty and solitude of Colorado’s Dominguez Canyon Wilderness. Hands down one of our favorite Colorado hikes on the western slope. For more info: Solitary & Rugged Beauty in Colorado’s High Desert


HERMANS GULCH – Near Loveland Pass

Rated: moderate – 6.3 miles out and back

One of those trails everyone should get too. A Colorado favorite. Easy access from Denver does bring in a lot of hikers but we’ve managed to hike it several times in summer by going early or better yet put this on your late fall hiking list and its all yours! A moderately challenging hike through alpine forests and open meadows before reaching spectacular alpine tundra above treeline which soon leads to Herman Lake. For more info: Herman Gulch Trail Alpine Adventure 



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Rated: moderate – 2.7 miles out and back from trailhead + a half-mile trek to the Trailhead making it 3.7 miles.

McCullough Gulch Hike, a popular sought after trail in Breckenridge CO, you don’t want to miss! A bit on the strenuous side of moderate but so worth the effort. There is nothing lacking on this trek, it’s an alpine playground sitting alongside Quandary Peak 14er. For more info: McCullough Gulch in Summer!



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Rated: easy – 4-mile loop

We found this trail by accident driving over Kebler Pass and it’s a beauty! 3 stunning alpine lakes and a waterfall on a rolling trail through wildflowers, aspens, and pines. Truly a Colorado hidden gem! For more info: Three Lakes Trail is a Colorado Treasure



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Rated: easy – 2.4-mile loop

Lower Cataract Lake Trail Loop is short but “oh so sweet”!  A childlike adventure for both young and old. One of those trails that you’ll never get bored on and perfect for a laid-back day in any season. For more info: Lower Cataract Lake Trail, a Colorado Hiking Gem


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THE CRAGS TRAIL – Divide, Colorado

Rated: easy/moderate – 4.9 miles out and back

Get ready for the unexpected when you hike The Crags Trail, not your normal trek through the Colorado forests when reaching the top! The views and the rock formations will leave you stunned. We love it. For more info: The Crags Trail, A Local Favorite!


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WEST RIDGE TRAIL – Top of Loveland Pass

Rated: moderate – 2.8 miles out and back

At the top of Loveland Pass. I thought I’d seen the best views before from high alpine hikes but not like this. Think you need pine trees for an exciting Colorado hike? Well, no you really don’t. This hike is exhilarating. For more info: West Ridge Trail, Wow, What a Hike!


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MAYFLOWER GULCH – a year-round trail for all skill levels! – Summit County

Rated: easy – 1.8 miles out and back

Mayflower Gulch is just the best backcountry getaway in every season. (this is winter but summer is awesome too). Easy to get to and doable for just about anyone. Do this trail once and you’ll be back! I’m not sure how many times we’ve been here. It’s simply magical somehow and we always come back. For more info: Hiking Mayflower Gulch is Magical


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DJANGO TRAIL – Buena Vista

Rated: easy/moderate – 3.4 mile loop

Django Trail and Fistful of Dollars Trail is a fun loop with stellar views of the Collegiate Peaks. It’s unique from most hikes we do but we love it as we hiked through beautiful rock outcroppings, a pinon forest, cacti, and wildflowers. For more info: A Trail of Stunning Views


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Rated: easy – 4.7 miles out and back

Sitting at the base of Independence Pass in Twin Lakes, Inter-Laken Trail rolls gently up and down right alongside one of Colorado’s most beautiful lakes and ends at historic Inter-Laken Resort. Everything about this trail we love, it’s one we do often when wanting a laid back day. For more info: Discover Inter-Laken Trail!

This sums up our ultimate list of great hikes for your Colorado Summer! 

Enjoy, and Happy trails! Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Note: Many of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission (at no added cost to you).