Cub Lake Trail is located in Rocky Mountain National Park in the Moraine Park area. The trail is packed with lush green meadows, beaver ponds, forest-lined trails, rocky canyon walls, and more.


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Just minutes after starting our hike we crossed the Big Thompson River and had our first wildlife sightings. A large herd of Elk was grazing in the meadows to our left.



Not long after hiking through a forest of Pines and Aspens, the trail turns to the right leading us towards the west and different views.



Running down the middle of the wetlands Cub Creek flows quickly downstream as we hike alongside the trees on a rocky path. It’s still early morning and the smells of the forest fill our senses as we take in the fresh air.

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Rounding a corner in the trail, a Dusky Grouse strolling ahead of me began to actually walk alongside me for a while. Its head thrusting forward with each step. He was either showing off or simply did not care we were there. But I was thrilled.




Even more thrilling was coming across several Beaver Ponds and spotting a Bull Moose taking its time enjoying the waters. We stood there quietly at a distance for a long time simply watching. I was nervous each time he looked in our direction but he never showed signs of aggression.


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At 1.9 miles the trail started an uphill ascent on a fairly rocky path with waters spilling across the trail in sections. Hiking through dense Aspen Trees the entire hike became a new look and feel.

Never underestimate the weather or the altitude in Colorado. It’s fickle and can catch you by surprise. Items I always have are Hydration Tablets, a Hiking Umbrella, & my Nano Puff Vest.



When reaching the 2.3-mile mark we passed the signpost for the Cub Creek Backcountry Campground Just before reaching the lake. The forest fires that have plagued this area recently are really evident all around the lake. 12,992 ft Stones Peak made a nice backdrop.

Cub Lake is known for its blooming lily pads in the summer months, but it’s too early in the season today.





The trail was once a loop hike. Now access is prohibited just beyond the lake due to fire damage. Cub Lake Trail just recently reopened so check on the Rocky Mountian National Park Website before deciding on any hike.


Highly recommend this hike for all ages. Great first hike to acclimate to the altitude.

5.1 miles out & back

Rated: an easy moderate


Located: Rocky Mountain National Park


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Note: Many of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission (at no added cost to you).