Devil’s Playground is a dance with the weather, hiking big rocks, and views beyond your imagination. One adventurous trail and an exhilarating hike to the top of America’s Mountain, Pikes Peak. Short, fun, and challenging.

Our day is bright and sunny (for now,) and it’s chilly at the trailhead in early fall. We are 1000′ from the top of Pikes Peak at 14, 115′. 

A hike to consider trekking poles!

Trekking Poles provide stability and reduce strain on joints on rough terrain. Dionte EVA Trekking Poles, made in Portland, OR, are a favorite with my hiking friends. Support a small business. 

The beginning of the hike is a gentle, moderate climb. Already the views are mind-boggling. They stretch beyond the Continental Divide and the valleys below. It is spectacular!

Rocks and more rocks, but this is just the beginning as we go higher. It’s stunning up here. The views are tantalizing! However, the sky changes and clouds are quickly moving toward us.

Now it’s steep, or steeper. Remnants of last night’s snow are making our way tricker. It’s icy in spots. I keep stopping and looking down, and my heart flutters a little.

HYDRATION is ESSENTIAL at High Altitudes! A few items I’ve used with electrolytes and highly recommend them. NUUN Sport Hydration TabletsJelly Belly Sport BeansSkratch.

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The rocks have turned to boulders bigger than me. It’s a scramble now up a slippery slope and so much fun! I’m with my hiking buddy, and she’s far ahead of me. I no longer look down, but it’s still all boulders looking up. I can’t see the top.

Hiking Waterproof First Aid Kit 

Nathan Trail Hydration Pack – My pack for shorter hikes and tourist attractions. Love it.

Pikes Peak Pullover Hoodie 

Now and then, snowflakes swirl gently around us as we near the summit. My hands and face are frozen, but the Visitor Center is just ahead; I can see it.

We had not visited the new Pikes Peak Summit Visitor Center; It is fantastic. We made a beeline for the world-famous donuts minutes after arriving. They still have them. Yay!

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The Cog Railway is another “easier” adventure to reach the summit of Pikes Peak. However, hiking up Devil’s Playground is much more exciting, and you get the views and climb a few rocks!

Pocket Pal Trail Maps (14 maps) set for the Pikes Peak Region for enthusiast hikers. Created locally in Colorado.


5.5 miles out and back

Rated: moderately challenging

Trailhead on Pikes Peak Toll Road

Fee at Entrance to Pikes Peak

Come prepared for rapid weather changes!

Temperatures at the Summit can be 30-40+ degrees cooler.

Check road conditions before you go.




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Can't wait to see you on the trail!

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