Donkey Derby Days
Get your name drawn to race with a donkey…really?

Yup, anyone can be in the donkey races, the highlight of the Cripple Creek, CO, Donkey Derby 2 day Festival. Crazy fun. This all started in the 1930’s and legend has it that the local donkey herd loved by the locals are descendants from the mining days.

A beloved herd lives among the residents and is the highlight of Cripple Creek and of course, a reason for a festival.

You will find many locations to leave donations to feed the donkeys.


Such character the local donkeys have…

Besides the donkey races, the day is packed full of events.

We arrived in time for the parade, not having been here before, we missed out on the pancake breakfast, signing up for being in the races, the best beard contest and most likely a bunch more!

The parade was small town great. You’ll love it.


Small Mountain Town Fun Parade, the Best Kind…

While waiting for the donkey races, we wandered through an abundance of vendors with some really spectacular artists and wares, plus t-shirts, mugs, & souvenirs featuring the donkeys mixed in.

Colorado Festival

Art & Music Festival, Donkey Derby Days, Colorado

The Jail Museum just up the hill from town had free admission for the weekend and was one of our favorite things we did, much more than expected, a must see.

Wandering around town we meet lawmen, outlaws, lovely ladies, even children dressed as Cripple Creek would have been long ago. One lovley lady followed us around after my guy, he loved it. Not long after, a western shootout was happening in the center of town.

Seems the locals love a festival and put on a great show.

Donkey Races

Donkey Derby Days 2-Day Festival, Cripple Creek, CO

Found a petting zoo and donkey rides for the kids. The donkeys were so cute and the petting zoo just as much fun for us grown ups.

Lots of festival food vendors, one featuring deep fried snickers and cheesecake, really? Wow! 

If festival foods are not your thing, there is an abundance of restaurants in town. We picnicked behind the Rec Center in the park after grabbing a sub sandwich at the “Pioneer Take and Bake Pizza”, the little red building (shack) at the end of town. 5 star Local favorite.

The loudspeaker is announcing who got picked for the donkey race. Lots of whooping and hollering from those who put their name in. Time for the big event. Dads, kids, women and couples getting ready to race.

Colorado Festival

Time for the Big Festival Event, “The Donkey Race”, Donkey Derby Days

Lots of confusion, donkeys going in many directions, not sure what was going on, but funny to watch. Definitely a family event and you can even bring your dog buddy.

It was time for us to leave but plenty more was still going on. Bands on several stages, beer garden was open, and special showings were scheduled at the Butte Theater.

For more information about Donkey Derby Days,

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Gold Camp Victorian Society, put on the Wild West Shoot-out, to volunteer and more about what they do, visit,

Cripple Creek, CO, for more information,

Pioneer Take and Bake, located at: 427 W. Carr Ave, Cripple Creek, CO 80813.