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Elk Falls is the ideal destination hike in Staunton State Park especially if you like adventurous trails deep into rock croppings, views, and canyons. It is like being in the high mountains yet you are not far from Denver.

A new parking area allows quick access to the trailhead. There are 2 ways to go to Elk Falls. One “Bugling Elk Trail “, a wide dirt road for easier access, or “Scout Line Trail”, a series of switchbacks of moderate accent to rock outcroppings and stunning views.


Taking Scout Line Trail offers dramatic views of soaring granite cliffs as you switchback your way up. Reaching the top are more dramatic views across the valley reaching Pikes Peak 14er towering above it all.

I’ve brought a friend today who is visiting Staunton State Park for the first time and she is taken in with it all. I too, who have hiked here many times still stop and can’t believe I’m here again. Witnessing this view!!

Hiking along the ridgeline views of Kenosha Pass peaks are shown between the trees. I love that. It’s the month of May today and the Peaks are glistening in white snow.

When reaching the end of Scout Line Trail, go left onto Marmot Passage. I love this part, it’s more rugged deep in the forests mingled with rocks. 

TIP: The temperature was only in the 70s but the climb was tough and sweat we did! I use Nuun tablets in my water and bring Cliff Block Chews for extra energy when hiking a long day. The higher the altitude, the more you dehydrate. Bring lots of water.


Scout Line, Marmot Trail, Elk Falls, Staunton State Park, Colorado hikes

Marmot Passage takes you to Elk Pond. On previous visits, I have had the pleasure of spotting Marmots at Elk Pond. Another reason to hike to Elk Falls! However, saw none today.

The skies are turning darker and small spurts of rain are falling. My new favorite hiking item is a “Hiking Umbrella”. It is lightweight and attaches to my pack. First rain of the season, I’m happy I have it!


We walked around the pond to find the trailhead to Elk Falls. (go up the road next to the cabin) it’s located just past the cabin on your left.

A short distance to Elk Falls but here the real adventure begins.

Hiker Hunger Hiking Poles – I use them for hiking, and snowshoeing. crossing creeks, hiking up & down rocky terrain, and love them. Durable & lightweight.

Darn Tough Socks – One of the most popular socks out there for hiking. Worth the extra costs. Keeps your feet happy. day hike for years in one pair.

Osprey Backpacks – Love this backpack. It fits great, and holds all my essentials, water, snacks & extra layers for a day hike.

It’s amazing on the last leg to Elk Falls, the rock cliffs are incredible as well as the trail and forests. Not long and we can hear the falls but its still a ways away. 


Love this section, it’s a challenge and rocky and a steep climb down to see Elk Falls. Nestled deep in the canyon it’s gorgeous. Not the biggest waterfall but it drops 100 feet and is beautiful to watch flowing down into North Elk Creek

One item I did not bring but would highly recommend are Hiking Poles!

If deciding to do a longer hike within Staunton State Park bring gear like you would on a day hike in the mountains. Check the weather before you go for appropriate attire.

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Nearest Town: Aspen Park

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Favorite Restaurant nearby:

Crossroads Pub & Grill

Pine Junction, CO

Can't wait to see you on the trail!

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