Fish Creek Falls to Long Lake Trail is a mecca of stunning waterfalls and will steal your heart. Beautiful from start to finish and packed full of all Colorado has to offer. 

Fish Creek Falls
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In a 1/4 mile and I am stunned at the amazing Fish Creek Falls. So much more than what my photo shows. Pounding down the rocks going over the rock ledge 280′ down. I can feel the spray from the water flowing through the air. It’s mesmerizing.

We are off to Long Lake …

Rocky, is steep, and rugged from the start. The first stop will be Upper Fish Creek Falls approx 2.7 miles ahead. I am so happy I am wearing hiking boots! Areas of Aspen grooves leave me wanting to come back in the fall. The colors must be amazing.

Oh, I love this, rugged forests, cliff edges with water below cascading furiously downstream. Occasional small waterfalls greet us at every turn. 

One item I always carry now is > BEAR SPRAY when hiking far into the backcountry. Never used it, but happy I have it!


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Upper Fish Creek Falls is just as sensational as Fish Creek Falls. Some might disagree but I found it peaceful and easy to hang out at, unlike the first falls. Here you have large rocky areas to simply sit and gaze! But, we didn’t sit for long we still have 3 miles to go…

Osprey Backpacks – I personally love this pack!

Sawyer Bug Spray – This stuff works!

Hiking First Aid Kit – a must-have on every hike!

Fish Creek Falls, Long Lake, Colorado hikes, day hikes, hikes Steamboat Springs, best trails in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Not long past Upper Falls, the trail becomes more gentle as it weaves in and out of a pristine forest with views of mini cascading waterfalls flowing rapidly downstream alongside us. Only a handful of hikers have gone on past Upper Fish Creek Falls leaving us feeling as though we have the trail to ourselves.

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Fish Creek Falls, Long Lake, Colorado hikes, day hikes, hikes Steamboat Springs, best trails in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Starting to look in every direction for Moose sightings as we enter a large marshy meadow and started spotting moose droppings along the trail. I love finding Moose and I am also terrified to find Moose. So I am keeping a watchful eye, hoping to see one from afar. Other hikers did, but not us, not on this hike. 

Getting higher in elevation and snow lingers on the trail in shady areas. Getting cooler which feels good, the sun has been intense at times. Even in late June the snowmelt is still going.

Our hike ends here about 1/4-1/2 mile from Long Lake. We landed at a wide creek crossing knee-deep in water and fast flowing. I whimpered out. I did not bring hiking poles (always helpful when crossing creeks) and I and others felt it was unsafe.

However, it is not much farther and sadly I don’t have photos of Long Lake. You will just have to go and see it for yourself! I thought I’d be disappointed but this was a sensational hike nonetheless.


13 miles out & back

Rated: hard

2522′ elevation gain

Fish Creek Falls, 1/4 mile paved, wheelchair accessible to overlook

Upper Fish Creek Falls – 2.5 miles one way

Long Lake – 6.5 miles one way

$5 vehicle fee

Open 6am – 10pm

Something for all skill levels!

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Can't wait to see you on the trail!

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