Hiking Gifts & Gear for the outdoor women.

Some women want diamonds, others just want hiking boots, backpacks, trees & dirt! 

I have been hiking for years and am thrilled that hiking clothing has gotten more colorful as well as more functional to the elements of the outdoors.

Owning the appropriate attire and all essentials in your backpack makes it easy to just go … and find a trail.

Below are numerous hiking goodies I’d like to share with you.

Some brands I own and love, some are on my ever-growing wish list.


Moisture Wicking, UV Sun Protection! Lots of colors to choose from.

CoolNet UV + Insect Shield. Multi-Purpose & my Favorite Extra!

Cowboy Style. I own this hat! Not the typical Sun Hat for the trail. But fun!


Sun Gloves. I never wore gloves & now my hands wish I had!

I have sensitive skin & Badger products work for me. I like the tinted version!

My newest extra & I LOVE IT. Easy to attach to my backpack & so lightweight. Keep the sun off!

Sun Gloves from REI – by Outdoor Research

Sun Gloves from Backcountry – by Outdoor Research


Moisture Wicking with UV protection. Loose fit, Comfortable

Smartwool products last for years!

UPF rating 50+, Moisture-wicking fabric & cute!

My favorite >>> Tank Top for Summer Hiking – only at REI

    Next to your skin wear polyester, nylon, or merino wool which works to keep sweat off your skin and dries faster.

    Never wear cotton doing outdoor activities. 

    Undies, bras, base layers, tees, tanks, & socks are examples.


    I love this vest. I use it over my tank top, t-shirt & summer long sleeve. Pricey, but my most used summer clothing item!

    Also found at REI > Click here!

    Extra sun protection in lightweight long sleeves. Keeps you cool yet covered!

    My summer-long sleeve top at Backcountry.com >Click here!

    I prefer a skort for summer shorts. Certainly a personal preference. Super comfortable, airy & moisture-wicking.

    Women’s hiking shorts & skorts

    at REI > Click here


    Merino wool socks helps prevent blisters, keeps your feet dryer which keeps you happier!

    I use ultralight in summer when wearing trail shoes for hiking. 

    Smartwool Socks – my favorite!

    Darn Tough Socks – another favorite!

    Women’s hiking socks

    at REI > Click here


    What you wear on your feet matters! Trails are full of rocks & roots. Even dry and wet terrain need good traction. It’s best to purchase good boots or trail runners for a more pleasant & safer hike. 

    Altra Lone Peak

    Lots of toe room and SO comfortable. A Favorite

    Keen Hiking Boots

    I have worn Keen hiking boots for years.

    Scarpa Footwear

    A popular choice among my hiking friends.

    Great Options for Women’s Hiking Boots & Trail Runners

    at REI > Click here


    Nathan Hydration Packs – My favorite pack for walking, short hikes & gentle trails. Fits so well I hardly know I have it on.

    Osprey Backpacks – Long day hikes with room for all the essentials, water, and layers.

    Deuter Backpacks -Another great choice for long day hikes and winter trails. 

    More options for women’s day hiking backpacks

    > at REI Click Here

    Note: Many of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission (at no added cost to you!).


    Bringing an extra layer when hiking at high altitudes in Spring, Fall & Winter is essential in Colorado. Weather is unpredictable and can change in minutes.


    My favorite base-layer top. I have 2 colors and with a vest in fall or jacket in winter I am cozy warm and comfortable! When really cold I often wear both a vest & jacket.

    Base Layer Top


    The favorite extras that have lasted me for years. I absolutely love them. Pack easily & keep me warm when needed.

    Nano Puff Vest  

    Nano Puff Jacket

    Nano Puff Insulated Hoodie

    Baselayer Women’s Tops

    at REI > Click Here


    I love leggings for hiking, capris in summer, full length in spring & fall, and fleece-lined in winter. However, leggings can snag on rocks, boulders, & branches. You might prefer sturdy comfortable hiking pants. 

    Best selection for women’s hiking pants

    at REI > Click here

    My winter fleece leggings I love & have had the same pair for years! > Merino Sport Fleece Wind Tights

    Another exceptional fleece legging exclusive to Backcountry.com > Frary Fleece Tights


    Fitbit – I like knowing how many steps I do on a hike!

    Beanies – Covering your head keeps you warmer!

    Grayl Water Bottle – An easy option for filtered water!

    Garmin Inreach Mini – Keep family & friends informed, be safe!

    More options for GPS > Click here

    Sit Pad – I use a sit pad when taking a break or stopping for that snack!

    My hiking sit pad > REI Click here

    Black Diamond Headlamp – So many reasons to have a headlamp. Get lost, gets dark, your hurt.

    Another popular brand > Click Here

    Sawyer Mini – One of the most popular day hike water filters

    NUUN Tablets – My favorite electrolytes go directly into my water.

    Sport Jelly Beans – Easy way to keep up your electrolytes.

    What to bring on a day hike and why > Click here

    What to bring & look for when winter hiking > Click here


    Hiking First Aid Kit

    More options REI > Click here

    Combat Wipes by GAIA – I use these in the woods! Lightweight.

    Small Trash Bags – Carry a few & pack it out! Leave No Trace.

    Pee Cloth – alternative to toilet paper

    Kula Cloth > Click here


    The trekking poles & blankets can be ordered directly from www.hikerhunger.com website. A family-owned business with supreme service. Always like to promote small businesses.

    Or can purchase below at Amazon.

    Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles – My trekking poles for every season!

    Hiker Hunger Blanket & Trekking Poles – I love the blanket! I take it with us in the car & have taken it hiking too.


    I prefer a rain poncho over a jacket. Keeps me and my pack dry. A jacket keeps me sweaty & sticky but my hiking buddies will say different & choose a jacket. Nonetheless, it is important to stay dry in high altitudes, rain can be cold & lead to hyperthermia.

    FROGG TOGGS – Rain set. Most popular among hiking friends

    Six Moon Hiking Umbrella – My personal favorite gear for rain. 

    Columbia Rain Jacket – Popular among hiking friends.

    FROGG TOGGS – Packable rain poncho

    My rain poncho REI > Click here


    Owning winter gear and clothing will keep you hiking year-round!


    Makes for easy hiking on snow-packed & icy trails

    Tubb Women’s Snowshoes

    My snowshoes & I love the ease of putting them on & it feels like I am hiking in my boots!

    Ankle Gaiters

    Keep out sand, rocks & snow in your shoes

    OR Women’s Gaiters

    Gaiters are your best friend in the snow!

    Swaney Winter Gloves

    My Swaney gloves keep me warm with hand warmer inserts. I get cold easily & these work!

    Neck Gaiter

    Turtle Fur keeps you almost hot! Around the neck or over your face.

    FUN GIFTS for Outdoor Women

    Fun & informative read!

    I enjoyed this book.

    I received this tee as a gift!

    My personal favorite

    Outdoor Lover Stickers

    Hike More Worry Less – graphic tee

    I own this & love it!

    Note: Many of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission (at no added cost to you!).

    Can't wait to see you on the trail!

    Note: Many of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission.

    (at no added cost to you!)