Rampart Reservoir has views no matter where you are

Beat the crowds hiking 11.5 miles around one of Colorado’s bluest lakes, Rampart Reservoir. An easy to moderate trail winding in and out of inlets through spotted fields of Aspens, unusual but beautiful rocks, and tall pine trees. The trail winds around the shoreline and in the spring are sprinkled with wildflowers.


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We’ve approached this hike at many different starting points, our favorite starting point is at the dam parking area.

If you head northeast, it’s a bit rockier, more of an up and down narrow trail with views of the crystal clear water and on the horizon, views of Pikes Peak. Hiking around the lake heading back it’s a little gentler terrain but still with the same spectacular views

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More than just hiking…

We bring our picnic gear, throw in the kayak and paddleboards, and at the end of the day relax on the sandy beaches.



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400 acres of water to venture out on if hiking is not your thing. When our family comes with us, it’s usually a hang out by the water day and a memorable adventure.



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The trail around the lake is also popular for mountain biking, snowshoeing, and trail runners, although we’ve only encountered other hikers when doing the loop.

TIP: Another entrance to the lake adding a couple miles to your hike is along Rampart Range Rd. before you reach the fee area. Rainbow Gulch Trail meanders down to the waters edge and you can pick up the loop from there.

For an easy hiking day, this is a pleasant, not too strenuous trail, just a long one if you choose. For information on fees, regulations, camping, and fishing visit “Rampart Reservoir Recreation Area”. 

Camping is available at Thunder Ridge Campground and Meadow Ridge Campground,


6 miles from Woodland Park, CO. off of US Hwy 24. Turn onto Baldwin St. which becomes Rampart Range Rd. Follow the signs.



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