Hiking Red Rock Canyon Open Space

trails from gentle to heart-pumping…

When you think of hiking Colorado, you think pines, trees, mountains. Those are my favorites but if in Colorado Springs this area is a marvel. A mini “Garden of the Gods” without the hustle bustle of people and cars. To see it from the road you simply drive by without a glance, but DON’T, it’s worth a venture in…

Colorado Springs

Hiking endless trails of beauty at Red Rock Canyon, Colorad

When I’m down visiting a friend of mine in Colorado Springs we often end up here. I have started from several trailheads and all have a special surprise once wandering into the canyon.

There are so many different hiking trail options, you can make this adventure into an hour or a heart-pumping day.

Several trails link to the park, the Intemann Trail and Section 16 are two that link to more trails.


Spend hours or all day hiking Red Rock Canyon Open Space

The best part is no matter how many times you come or what season it is, you’ll find something new you hadn’t noticed before. Lush greenery in summer, views of Pikes Peak, fall colors and the quiet of winter.

You can’t get bored hiking here…

just a simple picnic around the ponds, watching the birds, ducks, and geese will bring a sense of wonder to your heart. Often even a deer or fawn will wander across the trail.

Hidden gem

A surprise at every turn hiking Red Rock Canyon, Colorado Springs, CO

With so many trails I have trouble knowing when to quit. I hike and hike, it’s endless and can be a workout if you choose. I like this for getting ready for the higher altitude, longer, more intense hiking, in the Colorado mountains.

Day hike

Red Rock Canyon Open Space, a Colorado day hiking adventure

I’ve taken so many pictures here, I don’t know what to do with them all. It’s that kind of place!

Hiking here is amazing year round. With all the red sandstone rock and treeless areas, it can be hot here in the summer, but quite pleasant in spring and fall. In winter, the snowfall on the rocks is beautiful.

Hiking Colorado, snowshoeing Colorado, skiing Colorado, it’s all breathtaking.

Family Friendly

Hiking Red Rock Canyon, a Hidden Gem in Colorado Springs, CO

A popular place for biking and horseback riding, with some trails marked only for hikers, it’s easy to share this area. The trails are well marked with a map located at many spots where another trail intersects.

Located on Hwy 24, between Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs. There are several entrances, the main one is about ½ mile before Manitou Springs exit when heading west on Hwy 24. (Intersection Hwy 24 & Ridge Road)

For a map of Red Rock Canyon Open Space visit, https://coloradosprings.gov/sites/default/files/parks_recreation_and_cultural_services/open_space/red_rock_canyon_trails_map.pdf

For more information about Red Rock Canyon Open Space visit, http://redrockcanyonopenspace.org/

For a more detailed map you can purchase Pocket Pals trail map #4, https://www.pptrailmaps.com/

Open from dawn til dusk
Open to dogs, bikes and horses
Upper and lower dog loops are off leash areas
Free ride bike area

A GENTILE REMINDER: Venturing off the trails damages vegetation, leads to erosion and impacts wildlife.