Hoosier Pass is an adventure in any season. Glorious views when summer hiking, famous for winter backcountry snow sports, skiing, snowshoeing & snowboarding. We hit the top of the pass just a week before the winter snow came.


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The top of Hoosier Pass has a large parking area and we started off heading up a short dirt road through the forest and coming to a junction. To the left, you have an easy wide path leading you around the south slope with expansive views of the Mosquito Range mountains and on down through to South Park. We choose to head right leading us to Crystal Lake with views of Mt Sherman 14er.

Either direction you choose will make a great loop. Going to the right has a super steep narrow trail, going to the left you go down the steep narrow trail – your choice!




Crystal Lake is nestled near old mines with views of North Star Mountain and Quandary Peak 14er. We stayed here for a while then headed up an incredibly steep trail through brush-covered sides that took us to the top. Located to the left just before Crystal Lake.





As we get further up the views looking back towards Breckenridge and Lake Dillon are amazing and we are not even on top yet.




At the top. We still have the summit of Hoosier to do but there are more trails going even higher to our right on the backside of Hoosier Summit. You can only hike a very short distance as there are “No Trespassing Signs”. Honor those signs as the area is privately owned.



Hiking a short distance farther up we are looking far to the south and down to Montgomery Reservoir far below.

NOTE: if you haven’t been to Montgomery Reserviour it’s worth the trip. The famous historic Magnolia Mill and beautiful waterfall make a perfect picnic spot. Take CR 4 off of Hoosier Pass (Hwy 9) to get there. At Montgomery Reservoir is a fantastic hike to Wheeler Lake > CLICK HERE. Highly recommend!




After a lot of exploring, we finally head up to the Summit of Hoosier Pass. Rock cairns tell us we are here.





If you walk across the top of the Summit you will find another trail that will also take you down and you’ll end up near the junction where you started at the beginning of the hike. It’s pretty and most don’t know about this trail. Otherwise, go back down the way you came and continue in the loop direction you started on.

NOTE: the easiest route to the Summit without exploring more: Take a left at the junction 1/4 mile up the road from the parking lot when you start the hike. This will take you to the turn of the Summit after passing views of Montgomery Reservoir, Placer Valley, and South Park. Come back the way you came.




It’s a winter playground for backcountry enthusiasts. Noticeably smooth terrain leans towards great skiing and snowboarding. Wide easy paths and abundant snow make for great snowshoeing too. ALWAYS check the road, weather, and avalanche conditions before venturing at higher elevations in winter.

Whichever season it is, please be prepared for unpredictable weather with appropriate clothing and gear. Remember to hydrate more at high altitudes. Lots of water!

LOCATED: From Breckenridge head south on Hwy 9 to the summit of Hoosier Pass.  Park on the West side of the road at the large pullout. From Fairplay, head north on Hwy 9 through Alma to the summit of Hoosier Pass.


Loop is approx. 3.5 miles

Rated: moderate

No restrooms

Large parking area

Known for extreme weather conditions

Dogs ok on leash

Mosquito Range

Park & Summit County


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Note: Many of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission (at no added cost to you).