Kenosha Pass trail is famous for its Aspen colors in the fall, snowshoeing and xc country in the winter, and its solitude in the summer. The popular Colorado Trail crosses Kenosha Pass, leaving options to go east or west and hike as far as you want.

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It’s a weekday, and no one is here in early March. Beautiful Lodgepole Pines and stands of Aspens greet us with chilly air and flurries flying about. Abundant snow still lingered on the trails. 

Typical March in Colorado, the sun shows itself occasionally, and you can feel its warmth only to have it whisked away in minutes. 

South Park Trails, best hikes on Kenosha Pass,

It’s peaceful with occasional birdsong; otherwise, intense quiet except for the crunch of snow beneath our boots.

Out of curiosity, we took a new direction on Twin Cone Road (FSR 126), just beyond the East Colorado Trailhead, open to snowshoeing and XC in the winter.

Winter and Spring are seasons of unpredictable weather and trail conditions. Keep warm and safe with these

 > Winter Hiking Tips

We were surprised that dreamy, charming summer homes were buried in snow along this road. So far, this hike is flat and easygoing. 

Kenosha Pass is known for spotting moose. When a Moose is spotted, you will see cars lined up on the Pass. Deep into our hike, we spotted four moose far away yet exciting!

The higher elevations in Colorado offer snow-packed trails in spring, unlike lower elevations which are becoming muddy, icy, and slushy. A habit of mine to find high-elevation trails in spring!

Traction devices we use in snow-packed and icy conditions are Diamond Grip Yaktraks and Kahtoola MicroSpikes.

In summer Kenosha Pass either the East or West Colorado Trail is a beautiful area to enjoy the whisper of aspen leaves and soak in long-range views of the Continental Divide.

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March is a funny time in Colorado to hike. Everyone is waiting for summer hikes, not wanting muddy trails, yet yearning to get outside. This is the time to go higher into the mountains and find solitude not found in summer.

However, fall and summer are spectacular on Kenosha Pass too.

Favorite Winter/Spring Hikes

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Butler Gulch Tral

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Inter-Laken Trail

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Browns Creek Falls Trail

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