Lost Lake Trail is beautiful and spring in the Colorado Rockies is a peaceful, less crowded time to get into the wild. Even with the snow on the ground the smell of pine and new growth is strong in the mild breeze.


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It’s early April and the snow is melting fast at the beginning of our hike which begins at the Hessie Trailhead. However, the road to the trailhead is closed and parking is along the sides of the road not far past the town of Eldora. Walk down the road to Hessie Trailhead, then another 1.35 miles to Lost Lake Trailhead.



We tried to envision what was here long ago when passing where the Hessie Townsite once stood in open meadows. Later we sighted one cabin remnant still standing.

Attaching our crampons to our hiking boots before heading any further up the trail. Crampons make spring hiking so much more enjoyable and safer. Not sure of the size you need? Take your hiking boot to your local outdoor store and try a pair on your boots. Also known as “traction cleats”, and “spikes”.




Several bridge crossings throughout the trail were covered in snow and ice so the path took us across the frozen waters instead of across the bridges. In summer there is an amazing waterfall that drops through a narrow chute just before reaching the turnoff to Lost Lake.

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The trail wanders through pines then becomes a pretty good uphill climb on a wide path with much deeper snows and a few areas of slush making it a bit harder. The views of the Eldora Ski Resort and surrounding Peaks were beautiful.


Signage along the trail is spot on and getting lost was nothing to worry about today. In the winter months, I can see that the signposts could be buried in snow. Something to consider when hiking in winter without blue markers on the trees to find your way.

There are several hikes to consider in this area that could be an all-day adventure. All are marked along this trail but there are many other options in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. For a great trail map of the area, click here.



Arriving at the turn to Lost Lake we have a steep 1/2 mile to go which seems the norm before reaching most alpine lakes! The last push…


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The forest begins to wrap around us and the snow becomes deep with intense quiet. The benefits of hiking in springtime before the summer crowds. Looks cold but the Colorado sun is warm and the wind mild so it’s perfect today.


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On any hike in the wilderness areas of Colorado be prepared for weather conditions to change quickly. Have the appropriate gear for the season with you at all times. Springtime means winter gear extras at higher elevations. It may feel warm when you start your hike but don’t be fooled.






Love it when we reach our intended destination which is always more amazing than I anticipated. Lost Lake frozen ahead of us with its surrounding snowcapped peaks was a beauty. Colder here, with light wind chill running through us it took a moment to adjust.





Taking off our backpacks and pulling out our lunch we were quickly greeted by Camp Robbers (birds) and quite a few Abert’s squirrels. Obvious this area is popular and they know it! Even though it’s exciting to have them near, please keep them wild and healthy and don’t feed them.


To get to most trails in the Indian Peaks Wilderness from Nederland, CO, a shuttle service is highly encouraged for summer weekends, and holidays. Read more HERE on how to find a shuttle service.


4 mile out and back

Rated: moderate

No restrooms

No horses, bikes

Dogs ok on leash

Camping Info: Roosevelt National Forest

Nearest Town: Nederland, CO

Shuttle recommended in Summer

Family friendly

Boulder Ranger District; 303-541-2500



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Note: Many of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission (at no added cost to you).