Lost Man Trail is a Colorado gem! It is near the Summit of Independence Pass, a high alpine wonder with unstoppable views and two gorgeous alpine lakes.

I can’t recommend it enough — it is one of our favorite trails.

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Independence Pass is a beautiful drive and is only open in summer and fall for several months. Getting out and hiking here is where you can take in all it offers — unsurpassed beauty. 

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It is the middle of August, and we are blessed with clear skies, a slight breeze, and warm temperatures. The trail is mild, with easy water crossings to start. Marmots lounging on rocks nearby are always a thrilling sight to see! The views are endless in all directions, 


The first lake, Independence Lake, took our breath away— Aaqua blue shimmering in the early sunlight. What a treat to be here. 

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An intense uphill climb to Lost Man Lake left us stopping often, yet it was worth every break because the views looking back were sensational. Unbelievable!

Be ready and aware at higher altitudes, read > High Altitude Hiking Effects and Advice

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Upon reaching the crest of the uphill, looking down, far below lies Lost Man Lake. Can this hike get any better? Yes, it can. 

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Hidden from the view of the entire trail, this was amazing. All hikers stopped here like us and reveled in the surroundings. I think you could sit here for hours. However, it was incredibly windy and cold, so it wasn’t long before returning.

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Views of the peaks on the way down were exceptional and continued the entire trek back to our car. 

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Leftover wildflowers still clinging to summer sprinkled the alpine terrain. Signs of fall approaching were touching areas, leaving behind yellows and gold. 

This hike is doable for most if taken slowly and you are acclimated to the altitude. The last uphill to Lost Man Lake is short and strenuous but a must-do! 


The trail is located just west of Independence Pass Summit.

5.5 miles out and back to Lost Man Lake

Rated: moderately challenging

Nearest town: Aspen, CO

Hunter-Fryingpan Wilderness

The trail is above tree-line with full sun exposure – Elevation ranges from 11,000’+ to 12,800′

There are 2 ways to access Lost Man Trail. > READ MORE


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