Lovell Gulch Trail
can be a cardio workout or a relaxing hike…

A nature lovers trail tucked just inside Woodland Park, CO, off of Rampart Range Rd. We accidentally found a small, weathered, hard to see sign “Lovell Gulch Trail”. So well hidden, I wonder if only the locals know it’s here.


A Sweet Trail Full of Nature, Woodland Park, Colorado

Taking off through an incredibly green forest with loads of aspen trees we came to a crossroads on the path at a small stream. This is where you will find, going to the left, you go straight up (cardio workout!), going to the right, you find a moderate trail to the top and then you come straight down. We went right…

 A hiking gem for nature lovers

Colorado Springs

Lovell Gulch Trail, Hike in Summer, Snowshoe in Winter, Colorado

Really pretty, easy going at first, then meandered up through higher terrain with granite rock outcroppings, tall pines and small open meadows. I can already invision how lovely this hike would be in the fall.


A Summer Hike for Wildflower Viewing, Lovell Gulch Trail, Woodland Park, CO

It is the middle of a beautiful Colorado summer and wild flowers were abundant throughout the trail.

 A photo gallery of wildflowers … a photographers dream


Mountain Nature Close to Colorado Springs, CO, “Lovell Gulch Trail”

We crested the ridge after 1.5 miles or so and began hiking across the top for quite awhile with nice views of Pikes Peak, Ute Pass, and the Sawatch Range. Snow on Pikes Peak left from winter giving the view that added extra “wow”.

 Always beautiful … views of Pikes Peak


Beautiful Views Greet You at the Top, “Lovell Gulch Trail”, Colorado

Sweet hike. Nice spots on top for lunch. Not to many people about.

4.9 mile loop
Trail #706
1026 ft. Elevation gain
Pike National Forest
Open to leashed dogs, bikes and horses
No motorized vehicles allowed
Located: Woodland Park, CO

Note: weathered trail sign is located next to the City Road Maintenance building.



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