Masontown Loop Trail offers hiking, trail running, and snowshoeing just minutes from Main Street in Frisco, CO. Beautiful views, abundant aspen trees, a little history, bridges, and Rainbow Lake make for a pleasant easy hike.

I often do this hike when I have limited time but want to get outside for a while. One of those trails you can do year-round with the proper gear. Perfect beginner hike or snowshoe.


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It’s late October and the sun is warm the air is chilly and the skies are super blue. It snowed recently but the trails look clear where the sun has been beating down on them. Found out soon though that the shaded areas are a little icy.

This is the time of year to start bringing a pair of spikes to attach to your hiking boots. The ones I generally use for most trails are Yaktrax Diamond Grip Traction Cleats, they make hiking on snow, slush, and ice so much easier and of course safer. Highly recommend!



We started to our right on the loop and headed quickly up a slight incline through fallen leaves, patches of snow, and views of the Gore Range.

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Icy for sure as we headed higher but doable and gorgeous. This was the most incline we did, but it was short-lived.





Coming to Masontown Ghost Town, which really is an open area where you can go straight and hike to Mt Royal or keep going and continue the loop to Rainbow Lake. If you look hard you can see that once long ago there was a mining town here. However, not much is left, and it’s not really a credible destination spot.

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Lovely Aspen forests, several bridge crossings as we slowly hike back down towards Rainbow Lake. A pleasant hike through the woods.




Occasional views of Dillon Lake and the Continental Divide appear along the way.




Arriving at Rainbow Lake, a popular destination for families wanting a hike for kids. It’s a short hike back to the parking lot from here. If starting the loop to your left you can arrive at Rainbow Lake first and stay or continue on the loop.

A nice spot for snowshoeing in winter too!





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Note: Many of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission (at no added cost to you).