Mayflower Gulch Trail is an awesome adventure in any season. An easy uphill mile tops out at what some call the Mayflower Amphitheater with its surrounding views of Mayflower Hill (elevation 12,389 ft), Pacific Peak (elevation 13,950 ft), and Fletcher Mountain (elevation 13,951 ft). Stunning!

You can explore here or keep going on several trail options leading in all directions!


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As you head up the trail which is an old ore wagon road you will see Mayflower creek, wetlands, and beaver ponds in the valley to your left. This trail is shared by mountain bikers and 4-wheelers, however, I have never encountered any. Rated moderate, it felt like a gentle incline to reach the scattered cabins, mines, and ore chutes.


After only a mile of hiking among the tallest pine trees and a deep green dense forest, you are above the treeline, the entire basin opens up before you.

A breathtaking sight and one not found on other trails!



When reaching the end of the road, the adventure and exploring are all yours. You can continue hiking, curving to your right, and climbing Gold Hill. This steep climb will bring up to 12,000 feet to open tundra, with no trees, and unbelievable views.

You can venture on, staying on the ridge top heading northwest with views of the magnificent Gore Range and Saguache Range.

I’ve brought a couple of friends who are discovering this area for the first time and patiently waited as they wandered about exploring the amazing remnants of the early 1800s Boston Mine scattered throughout.





With several trail options, we decided on hiking up the trail which leads to the Gold Crest Mine site.

Before reaching Boston Mine there is a trail I highly recommend leading to the right which takes you across the ridgeline called Gold Hill and looks down upon what was once was Kokomo ghost town. 






Trying to spot the numerous marmots we could hear and finding a few late summer wildflowers along the way made for a slow trek up until reaching the entrance for Gold Crest Mine.



Fascinating to think people actually ran these mines and lived up here. History buffs love this. I, however, thrive in the surrounding beauty.

The first time you do Mayflower Gulch hike, you will be hooked! It’s become an obsession with me.






Incredible views after hiking a bit farther up. Spent some time here snacking and trying to get a photo of a marmot (no luck) before heading back down.



Everywhere, suddenly intense fields of wildflowers before coming upon Boston Mine again.







The weather is changing rapidly as we make our way past the Boston Mine. A trail to be prepared for. I can’t stress enough how fickle weather can be and can change in minutes at high elevations!

A trail you want to be prepared for with appropriate hiking gear. CLICK HERE> for a look at Practical gear that we love at Crazy About Colorado and have in our backpacks on every hike.

RELATED; Snowshoeing Mayflower Gulch – try this hike in winter, it’s truly magical.


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Highly recommend this trail for novice and avid hikers. Make it what you want and take in one of Summit County’s most memorable spots.

For more information on the Summit County area and all it has to offer: The Summit Chamber. 


Boston Mine Camp, 1.8 mile, starts at 10,994 ft., ends at 11,980 ft.

Gold Hill and across top: approx: 4 miles out and back

Gold Crest Mine Site: approx: 3 miles out and back

Rated: easy to moderate 

Open to: hiking, snowshoeing, nordic skiing, dogs, mountain bikes

Kid Friendly

Located in: Arapaho National Forest 

LOCATED: The Trailhead is approximately 6.2 miles on Hwy 91 (Fremont Pass) from Copper Mountain heading towards Leadville. It is easy to miss! Watch for it on your left. You will find a good size parking area.


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