Mueller State Park Hike
Hiking through historic Cheesman Ranch and more

Went on my first ever guided hike with a friend who works at Mueller State Park. She and I have been hiking throughout the park this past year, through all kinds of weather to get to know all the trails. Today is the beginning of summer, a perfect 70 degrees.


Mueller State Park, Divide, Colorado.

I am so used to hiking in the higher elevation, tundra, above tree line, alpine lakes, etc., that this was relaxing. Don’t get me wrong, still a workout! We are going on a 5 mile loop and exploring several historic homesteads.

Mueller State Park, the perfect getaway if you live close by or are camping here.


Guided Hikes Almost Every Day in the Summer, Mueller State Park, Colorado

We started at Grouse Mt. Trailhead, which is at the very end of the park through the campground. Personally, my favorite area. Lots of trees, aspens, and rocks here.

Our first sighting was “Buffalo Rock”. You’ll need to see it for yourself, not sure if I saw a buffalo in it, but other hikers seemed to think so. Beautiful rock outcropping.

Most hikes within Mueller State Park have something interesting to stop at and ponder.


55 Miles of Trails for Year Round Hiking & Snowshoeing, Mueller State Park, Colorado

The trail kept going down and down and down through the trees, opening up to large meadows, with views of Pikes Peak, Sentinel Point and the preserved historic Cheesman Ranch up ahead. I noticed cameras coming out of backpacks from everyone, snapping away. Always enthralling to see Pikes Peak, and with the meadow, ranch and trees, it was really a beautiful setting.

Colorado history

Historic Cheeseman Ranch, Divide, Colorado

Back into the trees we headed to Cahill Cabin. You will see in the woods remnants of moonshine stills for illegal whiskey.

Mueller State Park Visitor’s Center has information on all the history within the park. Some very “Colorful”. You’ll love it.

Ghost Town

Historic Cahill Homestead, Mueller State Park, Divide, CO

Passing Cahill Pond we began to hike up and up and up some more. I searched for wildflowers along the way. Always anxious to find them before it’s time for them to appear. A little early yet but found a few. No wildlife sightings today, just recent scat of coyote, elk and bear.

At the amphitheater in Mueller State Park during summer you will find fun talks about wildlife & nature.


Wildflowers are Abundant in Mueller State Park, Colorado

If you enjoy learning about plants, wildflowers, forests and history then a guided hike is perfect. Our guide was very knowledgeable, friendly and patient. Meeting a lot of other hikers, both local and tourists was enjoyable.

A short drive from Mueller is Eleven Mile State Park, enjoy a peaceful day hike among aspens and views of Eleven Mile Reservoir, click here, to take a peek.

Located: 20145 Hwy 67 South, Divide, CO 80814
Open year around
Trails open to designated areas for horses and bikes.
55 miles of trails within the Park
Visitor Center, 719-687-2366

Information on how to explore all the adventure available in Mueller State Park,

Cabin rentals, call Colorado Parks and Wildlife at 1- 800-678-2267

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