Mule Trail is an unknown easy peasy hike to wet your appetite for hiking in the mountains not far from Colorado Springs.


2.8 mile out and back among the Pines & Aspens, rock canyon walls and a flowing creek gurgling alongside you.


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I’d recently heard of this trail from a hiker gal who is always discovering somewhere new to explore. I’ve since taken a friend recovering from a broken foot, a fellow hardcore hiker, and my grandkids.


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We began the hike through the willows along Trout Creek, soon reaching a mixture along the trail of open meadows intermingled with hiking through pine and spruce forests.


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Vivid colors of lush greens were intense in the summer sun. 

Year-round hiking trail to get outside in all seasons!


Please check out  “What’s in Your Day Pack”  for a list of recommended items anytime hiking. We never leave home without our backpacks! You never know when a trail will be along…


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The first creek crossing has a hidden homemade bridge. Much to the grandkids delight! The trail actually leads to a rock crossing over the creek, but if you look to your right, hidden in the trees is the bridge. 

A special kid paradise hiking along Mule Trail, little discoveries everywhere. 



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Beyond the bridge we crossed an open meadow among the canyon walls until reaching the end of Trout Creek and private property. 


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The trail turned right and another sketchy homemade bridge took us farther and now Mule creek is running to our left.


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We soon came to a dirt road and turned around here at approx. 1.4 miles from the trailhead. 

LOCATED: In Woodland Park. Drive 3.9 miles down Hwy 67 (north) off of Hwy 24. Turn left (west) onto CR75. Drive ¼ mile and you will see Trailhead parking on your left. 

Want to add to your day? Hop in your car and go back to Hwy 67, go across the road and drive ½ mile to Red Rock Trailhead


Rated: easy

2.8 miles out and back

Start Elevation: 8,066 ft. minimal gain

Nearest Town: Woodland Park

Close to Colorado Springs

Dog friendly


Note: Many of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission (at no added cost to you)


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