Newlin Creek Trail, everything about this hike is a treat. What a surprise. After driving a way out of Florence, CO, and going into an area called “Florence Mountain Park “, we find this hidden gem, hiding in the Wet Mountains.


Hidden gem


Starting our hike with a Beaver Pond at the Trailhead entrance, then on to a bridge, we started out over easy terrain. But not for long, a hidden gem around every corner hidden deep inside Rock Canyon Walls was waiting for us.



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We were soon … scrambling over large rocks as we headed up the trail, seeing small waterfalls almost at every turn. Going up a moderate never-ending incline most of the way.



Canyon City


Being in a Canyon did not provide many views, but looking up in any direction where towering rock formations and spires, made up for any loss of having views. Amazing setting.

Your favorite part will be the water crossings.

The makeshift log crossings were shaky and a little challenging but sure made the hike more lively trying to figure out how to cross. I saw several other hikers just go ahead and walk through the water.



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The trail is rated moderate, lots, of rocks to get past, but very accessible. Some spots are more demanding than others. It is a steady uphill climb.

Good waterproof hiking boots and hiking poles would make this trail more enjoyable.

The trail is a 5.8 mile out and back with approximately 14 plus water crossings. When reaching the top you find yourself in an alpine meadow with the remnants of the historic Herrick’s 1887 Sawmill.

Ah, we are definitely spoiled in Colorado! So many Hidden Gem “spots” to seek out and explore…


5.8 miles out & back

Rated: moderate

In Florence Mountain Park

Open: dogs, bikes, horses

Some trail guides have rated this trail strenuous

For information: San Carlos Ranger District

San Isabel National Forest



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