Nightmare on Baldy in Breckenridge, CO, is known for mountain biking, yet hiking is an option and takes you to historic old mines and incredible views.

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Located in the French Gulch area of Breckenridge, it’s packed with history. Nightmare on Baldy trailhead is located off of Sally Barber Trail. If looking for a shorter hike, return when reaching the Sally Barber Mine site. 

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A wide dirt road takes you first to Sally Barber Mine, and then Nightmare on Baldy trail turns into a single-track heading into the forest. 

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The Sallie Barber Mine is something to see! Nicely preserved and remarkable. The views from the Mine are spectacular, too.

Sally Barber Mine trail is one of our favorite winter hikes; it’s beautiful covered in snow >see photos!

Nightmare on Baldy Trail switchbacks entirely uphill through a dense forest, quiet and peaceful. It’s August, and we have encountered a couple of mountain bikers; otherwise, it’s just us and the woods. It is a pretty trek! 

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Nightmare on Baldy Trail ended at Hannah’s Way. We headed right to find the historic Iowa Mill Site. Views of Breckenridge Ski Resort and surrounding peaks were gorgeous — open meadows filled with late-summer wildflowers everywhere. 

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To our left, along Hannah’s Way, is private property and an incredible old mine above the tree line.

For guided tours and information on all things history in Breckenridge, visit >

Nightmare on Baldy
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Upon reaching the Iowa Mill Site, we returned the way we came.

One of the best times to hike in Breckenridge is the off-season in fall, after summer crowds and before ski season. 


Nightmare on Baldy Trail begins at the Sally Barber Mine Trailhead, a 1.3-mile hike to the Sally Barber Mine. Nightmare on Baldy Trail is located directly across from the mine.

Nightmare on Baldy Trail is 2 miles.

Hannah Trail to Iowa Mill is 1 mile.

Total miles: 8.6 miles out & back

Famous for mountain biking, so expect to share the trail.

Rated: Moderate

Located: Town of Breckenridge, CO

No restroom

From the parking area hike 1/8 mile up the road to connect to Sally Barber Mine Trail.


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Winter Hike to Sally Barber Mine

Sallie Barber Trail in Breckenridge, CO, was the perfect springtime getaway for an early afternoon hike with a fantastic destination, the historic Sallie Barber Mine. One of the prettiest trails we’ve hiked in snow. 

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