Aiken Canyon Loop Trail is a mixture of grasslands, piñon-juniper woodlands, and pine forests, located within Aiken Canyon Preserve southwest of Colorado Springs.

Abundant wildlife inhabits this area including mountain lions, bobcats, deer, and black bears, as well as over 100 species of birds.


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We stumbled upon this area in early February and loved it. Hiking every trail within Aiken Canyon Preserve and found so much diversity in terrain.

Wear sturdy shoes!

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Hiking a little over ½ mile we come upon Aiken Canyon Loop Trail, heading to the right we hiked through grasslands with expansive views of what’s still to come.


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Parts of the trail were muddy from melting snow, leaving visible cat tracks below our boots. Was exciting, yet a bit daunting!

Red rocks popped out of treetops adding a stunning picture along the trail.



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Snow began appearing on the trail as we hiked farther into the nature preserve.

A spur trail “Canyon Trail”, lead us on a steady incline into dense woods and towering canyon walls. I found it a bit cold and dark, but keep on, and at the end of the trail, deep into the canyon were cabin remains from an old homestead.



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Returning to the Aiken Canyon Loop Trail, and hiking a little farther we encountered another spur trail. “Overlook Trail” is a “not to be missed” part of the hike.




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We scrambled up through red rocks and found the most amazing views of the snow-covered Spanish Peaks to the south. The Overlook gets the heart pumping but so worth it at the top!

Aiken Canyon Preserve is a hiking treat for any skill level.


Aiken Canyon Loop Trail – 4 mile

Canyon Trail – 3/4 mile one way

Overlook – 1/2 mile out and back


Picnic Tables


No dogs

No bikes

Abundant wildflowers and birds for all nature lovers.

More information >The Nature Conservancy


16 miles southwest of Colorado Springs, CO 


The Crags Trail is Unbelievable!

Seven Bridges Trail a Magical Woodland!


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