Rabbit Ears Peak Trail is truly a total surprise at the summit with jaw-dropping views stretching as far as 100 miles. Plus, roaming around unusual rock formations on the iconic Rabbit Ears Peak is unique and fun. 

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The trail starts off easy and continues easily for most of the hike. Today there are very few hikers about and it’s really quiet. Even the birds are not singing. We have no idea what actually lies ahead. 

Hiking on a rutted, rocky jeep trail on a gentle incline we stroll through forests and wide-open meadows. Views of Rabbit Ears Peak begin to appear. They look closer than they actually are.

Note: not much shade here so sunscreen, hat, or hiking umbrella for protection is highly recommended.


Leaving our nice stroll we begin to climb, a lung-busting steep ascent towards the summit. Astonishing views appear and excitement to see what lies ahead begins. Which leaves the last stretch compelling, driving you forward. The last 1/4 mile is worth the effort.

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Gnarled trees weathered from winds and snow line the trail and ahead of us is Rabbit Ears Peak. It’s not like anything else I’ve hiked and it’s amazing. Except for the mosquitoes, they are everywhere suddenly at the summit.

NOTE: The peak is named for its unusual rocky remnants of a volcanic plug that looked more like a rabbit in the past than it does today. Suggested not to climb the Rabbit Ears, they are fragile, however, walking around will give you those jaw-dropping views.

Sawyer Bug Spray – this stuff works!

Six Moon Hiking Umbrella – Sun or rain protection. I love mine.

NUUN Hydration Powder – I highly recommend adding to your water at high elevations.


Tolerating the mosquitoes I could not take my eyes off the views in every direction. Did not last long, got out the bug spray and did my entire body. HINT: in summer bring bug repellent. 


It is so pretty up here, love the trees, the views, and the peak. Really had no idea what to expect and this exceeded any expectations. Before the Rabbit Ears dwindle more, I highly recommend a hike up. 


5.5 miles out & back

Rated: easy until last 1/4 mile then challenging!

Start elevation: 9,528′

Dog ok

Family Friendly

Nearest town: Steamboat Springs

Routt National Forest

At the parking area – head down the road to intersecting roads. Go right and your on the trail to Rabbit Ears Peak, no signage.

Summer: Bring bug spray! 

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