South Park City Museum is remarkable, it’s so unexpected and remarkable!

Each building is authentic, put together from our own forgotten towns in Colorado. The inside of each old home, stable, stagecoach, church, school, drug store and so many more are all complete on the inside for you to explore


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Imagine my surprise that this Museum has been here since 1959 and I had no idea. We must have passed by so many times coming down Hoosier Pass from Breckenridge.

It’s a must-see for any age!



When entering a few of the buildings like the Dentist’s Office I got the willies. Certain it was just the tools used! The stable and blacksmith were fun with a few goats about to humor us. The inside of the drugstore (photo above) was by far one of my favorites.




When in the stage stop, upstairs in the traveler’s overnight rooms, on one of the old wood beds was a sleeping cat. At first, the cat was still, then moved and we all jumped. Was spooky among all this “old” stuff. Later, found out that 2 cats, Thelma and Louise, live here and make themselves at home within many buildings.





Every 2nd weekend in August the Museum holds a special event, “Living History Days”. The town comes to life with volunteers reenacting the days of old. If you are a history buff you will spend hours here.



I have meant some of the employees here and they were eager to tell me the “unusual happenings” that occur. This all started when I mentioned that my camera in several buildings stopped working, then when going outside would start working again. This happened quite a few times. I am not spooked easy and I had no real fear but … it was odd!

The curator saw a man in the bank window early one morning, another employee smelled a strong whiff of cigar smoke in the blue house when opening for the day. Apparently, kids do not like the blue house and won’t go in…



The town of Fairplay is full of Colorado history and is notorious for ghost stories within its hotels and courthouse.



Not trying to spook you, I was amused by the stories but at no time did I feel nervous in the Museum. I bring friends, and family here often. Everyone loves it. You will too!


Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

40 + restored historic Colorado homes & thousands of artifacts from the 1800s.

Open-air Museum, consider the changing weather in the mountains and bring extra outerwear.

More information > South Park City Museum 

LOCATED: in the town of Fairplay, CO, turn west off of Hwy 285 towards Alma and Breckenridge on Hwy 9. Go about a mile and just before leaving the town of Fairplay it will be on your left. Coming down from Breckenridge on Hoosier Pass (Hwy 9) it will be on your right as you come into Fairplay. (100 4th Street, Fairplay, CO 80440)

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