Spruce Creek Trail loop is beautiful in each season. Starting off meandering through a forest of pines with the added option of hiking to Mohawk Lakes above treeline it’s truly Colorado at its best. Located in stunning Blue River, CO near Breckenridge, CO you can’t go wrong.


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In March the sun is showing its warmth and the feeling of spring is in the air, the birds are chirping and the snow is glistening all around us. In the high country, the trails are still lined with snow, and snowshoeing becomes a day of warm amazing days, leaving the brisk cold air of winter behind.



We had a moderate ascent through a winter wonderland winding through stillness and quiet like we all crave now and then. Only the sound of snow crunching beneath our feet. Winter/spring is less crowded and few get to see the magic of hiking in the snow.





Consider just using spikes on your winter hiking boots if trails are already packed down which I have come across on a lot of trails in Colorado.

However, Spruce Creek Trail is also the hike that takes you to Continental Falls and Mohawk Lakes Trail. I did not have snowshoes today, only spikes, or would have continued on to Mohawk Lakes. The snow got significantly deeper near the Mohawk Lakes Trailhead.

Check out our summer hike to Mohawk Lakes via Spruce Creek Trial. It’s a hike not to miss. One of the most popular trails in Breckenridge, CO




The Spruce Creek Loop takes you past the Wheeler Trail Signpost and soon onto the road which leads you back down to complete the loop.

Appropriate Winter Gear is Essential for safety and warmth > CLICK HERE for a look at what I use and wear and why!



Just to the right of Spruce Creek Trail and Wheeler Trail junction find endless vistas across frozen waters. I stood there for a long time just taking it all in.





Heading back into the forest to complete the loop. Another option is to take Wheeler Trail and cut across to connect to the road leading back down instead of finishing the loop.





When you pop out of the forest and find yourself on a road with wide-open spaces you can go either way. Down will complete the loop and take you back to your vehicle. Heading up will take you to the Mohawk Lakes Trailhead and Contentinal Falls.



LOCATED: Breckenridge, CO


4.3-mile loop

Rated: moderate

Open to leashed dogs

No restrooms

White River National Forest

Nearest town: Breckenridge, CO

Dillon Ranger District 


Mohawk Lakes Trail, Colorado’s Best Hike

Booth Lake Trail, for Hiking Enthusiasts!

Mayflower Gulch, a Stunning Hike


Note: Many of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission (at no added cost to you).