The Crags Trail – Get ready for the unexpected. You won’t be disappointed, instead, you’ll be giddy with awe. Not your normal trek through the Colorado forests when reaching the top. The views and the rock formations will leave you stunned.


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I’m hiking today with a hiking group of friends I’m privileged to be a part of. It’s one of those cobalt blue sky days in Colorado, with a few sporadic clouds about. Yippee!

NOTE: being a part of a hiking group is a great way to get outdoors, meet like minded people and most times learn a bunch from others experiences and knowledge. We have one gal who is a whiz at wildflowers and another who can name that bird!




The Crags trail started on a fairly steep uphill grade through a thick forest of very tall pines and aspens. After a few switchbacks. the trail leveled off and opened onto a meadow of stunning scenery.

NOTE: After a short hike up the switchbacks you will see the sign for Trail # 664A which goes to the top of Pikes Peak over Devil’s Playground. Stay on Trail #664, heading left for the Crags. 



In the meadow, the trail runs alongside gurgling Fourmile Creek which can be a bit muddy and marshy in spring. However, in summer it’s beautiful with wildflowers and of course splendid in fall with Aspen colors.

It’s simply a hike you never get tired of in any season! A very popular trail for snowshoeing! Owning a pair of snowshoes is like having hiking boots, you’ll get out there more!

The snowshoes that I use and LOVE are Tubbs Women’s Wilderness.


Amazing rock formations along the meadow part of the trail were the first sign of what’s to come. Soon we were hiking into the forest again and encountered one final push up to The Crags.





At the top, we came upon astonishing gnarled ancient Bristlecone Pines sprinkled throughout the rocks. Left us feeling quite excited, like finding a hidden gem.

Near Fairplay, CO is another hike to see ancient pines that you might enjoy, >  Limber Grove Trail.






We spent a ridiculous amount of time on the top, exploring the odd rock formations and taking in the views. Perfect spot for lunch or snacks.

Located on the NW side of Pikes Peaks 14er the weather changes in minutes! Be prepared CLICK HERE> for a look at the practical gear that we have in our backpacks on every hike



Curious rock formations like I’ve never seen before in every direction you looked. I love high mountain peak views. Here we were, with the most amazing views of the valley below and even the snow-covered peaks far to the west.

The hike back was an easy peasy trek with stops along the way to look for the late season plant life, try to name that bird, and watch for wildlife who make this area home. One of my favorite easy carry guides is Rocky Mountain Nature Set Field Guides.




I would highly recommend even beginners to try this hike. It has its challenges but is so worth the few uphill areas to see scenery like no other trail in Colorado.

The Crags Campground, a popular camping spot close to the Trailhead.


4.9 miles out and back

869 ft. elevation gain.

Rated: easy/moderate, yet be aware there are sections that are definitely more moderate.

Pike National Forest, Information: Pikes Peak Ranger District: 719-636-1602
Open year around, best time is May-October
Dog and horse friendly
Views of Rampart Range, Ute Pass, Catamount Reservoirs
Trail #664
Approx: 3.5 hours out and back

Note: the gate before the trailhead might be closed due to weather in winter but park at the gate and snowshoe in.

A GENTILE REMINDER: Venturing off trails damages vegetation, leads to erosion, and impacts wildlife.


In Divide CO., the Trailhead is on Teller County Road 62, 3 miles off of Hwy 67 South, close to the Crags Campground. From Colorado Springs, take Hwy 24 to Divide, turn left on Hwy 67 South, go 4.3 miles to Teller County Road 62, turn left, go 3 miles to the well-marked parking area, and Trailhead.




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Note: Many of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission (at no added cost to you).