Wasatch Trail is a loop of 14 miles across Telluride’s high peaks and known as one of Colorado’s most spectacular hikes. We hiked to Nellie Mine and not the entire loop for our day hike and found ourselves lost in wonder at the surrounding terrain and views.


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After a 2 mile hike up Bear Creek Trail, we found the Wasatch Trailhead. Here the lung-busting begins hiking immediately up switchback after switchback. A big difference between the first 2 miles.

In and out of a forest of aspens and pines as we huffed our way upward along the side of this rugged rocky canyon.



Towering cliffs to our right as we broke through the forest. Looking upward we saw a few hang gliders gracefully floating through the sky,



The canyon just gets more enticing and the views, oh, the views are amazing while the trail starts to become more gentle. 






This view (above photo) is looking to our left and down the canyon, as we climb higher.



A sprinkling of fall colors as we get higher in early September. I can’t wait to see what’s up ahead as the canyon narrows.




The path is rocky, rough, and narrow now with cliff edges on one side. Not hard but we did tread carefully here.




Coming up on a valley of indescribable views in every direction. Definitely worth the climb.




Around the bend to my husband’s delight, the Nellie Mine. He loves this stuff.

NOTE: Visit the Telluride Museum in town for more information on the Nellie Mine. 






I love the views … 

A trail you want to be prepared for with appropriate hiking gear. Please check out “What’s in Your Day Pack” for a list of items to consider when hiking.



Hiked a bit further to the split in the trail. If you want to continue the loop, at the reconnect of the split it’s another hour or so to the summit. We stopped here and went back the way we came. (Approx. 9 miles out and back)

PLEASE check at the Telluride Visitor Center at 236 W. Colorado Ave. for accurate directions before deciding on the entire loop. It’s a full  8-10 hour day hike. Lots of trail options too!




BEAR CREEK FALLS – Gotta see it!

On your way up to Wasatch Trail or on your way down take a detour of only 1/2 mile and see Bear Creek Falls!

LOCATED: At the end of Pine Street in downtown Telluride. No parking at the Trailhead. Limited parking on the streets nearby but they have a 2-hour limit with a fee. We found free parking at the Carhenge Lot on the southwest corner of town off of West Pacific Ave. Walk a 1/2 mile from the free parking along the San Miguel River Path to the trailhead. 


Rated: strenuous

No restrooms

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Note: Many of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission (at no added cost to you).