Adventure across Weston Pass, one of the highest roads in Colorado, and so little known!

Looking for fall colors on a less traveled road we opted for Weston Pass and so happy we did, 26.5 miles of one of Colorado’s most beautiful scenic high passes.

Taking a drive to see the Aspens change color in the fall is a Colorado tradition.

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We started on the Park County side of the pass, driving over an easy gravel road to start, passing through a scattering of homes and ranches, then began climbing up passing the Weston Pass Campground.

NOTE: Website for Weston Pass Campground says Lincoln National Forest in the Smokey Mountains. It is in Pike National Forest in Colorado.

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Passing Rich Creek Trailhead and heading towards timberline we stopped before reaching the summit at some old cabin remains and took in the views.

In every direction groups of aspens, mixed in with oranges and reds, a photographer’s paradise

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Upon reaching the Summit and looking left we spotted Weston Pass Hut and could not contain our curiosity. Perfect timing! One of the owners was about and gave us a tour of this amazing backcountry hut.

Hut to Hut, Snowshoe Colorado, Backcountry, Wilderness, Weston Pass, Where to Cross Country Ski, Hiking, is a website to explore! They offer year round lodging in one of Colorados most remote locations.

Of course in winter you have to ski or snowshoe to get there!

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Dream like accommodations with outstanding views for an incredible outdoor adventure.

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Driving down the other side of the pass, we soon entered the forest once again and it became even more beautiful than the first half of the pass.

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Here the road became a bit more challenging, more rocky, yet was passable in our Subaru Forester. We did see 2WD drive vehicles getting through just fine but would recommend higher clearance on this side of the pass.

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We are headed to Leadville crossing the Mosquito Range stopping along the way to venture into several dispersed campsites just off the road to take a peek. 

Camping in Pike National Forest

Camping in San Isabel National Forest

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One area in particular, had Big Union Creek running through it, beaver ponds, boulders everywhere, log bridges, and was surrounded by forest with large flat areas to set up your own private secluded campsite.

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Limber Grove Trail, a family favorite hike or snowshoe among rare bristlecone pines is a hidden gem near Fairplay.


The town of Fairplay, CO offers an abundance of family and outdoor adventures. 

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Popular Colorado Mountain passes are normally quite crowded, especially when the leaves are changing.

So happy we found Weston Pass, 26.5 miles with rarely another car and loads of scenic views and places to take photos, explore and hike a bit.


From Fairplay, CO: drive south on Hwy 285 for 4.7 miles. Turn right onto Cty Rd 5 for about 7 miles, then turn right onto Cty Rd 22. You are now on your way over Weston Pass

From Leadville, CO: Find Hwy 24 E, and go 6.8 miles. Turn left onto Cty Rd. 10/ Cty Rd. 7 and drive 2.1 miles. Keep left to catch Cty Rd. 7 and go about a mile. You are now on your way over Weston Pass.

There is a Weston Pass Auto Tour website that might interest you and a brochure you can print out with all kinds of information about Weston Pass.


Weston Pass, 26.5 miles

Elevation 11,921 Ft.

2 Starting Points: east side, Park County, west side, Lake County

Gravel road, passable by car on the east side to reach the summit.

Gravel road, passable by car with higher clearance on the west side to reach the summit.

For information on the east side visit South Park Ranger District in Fairplay, CO at the junction of Hwy 9 and Hwy 285. 719-836-2031. They are always very helpful!

For information on the west side visit Leadville Ranger District in Leadville, CO,  810 Front Street, 719-486-0749

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