Wildlife Encounters

How to Minimize Wildlife Encounters


Make noise, travel in groups

Don’t wear headphones

Do wear a bear bell

Keep kids and dogs close

Don’t get between a mother & her young

Avoid hiking at dawn or dusk if possible

Do not feed the animals

Wrap foods in oder proof bags

Look for animal tracks

Ask a Ranger for wildlife sightnings in the area


If You Encounter Wildlife


Be calm, don’t run, back away slowly, going sideways

Make noise to alert your presence if seen from afar

Never approach to take a photo!

Watch for mother’s young, don’t get between.

Consider carrying bear spray (know how to use it)

BEAR: if approached: Group together, look big, wave arms, be loud

MOOSE: if aggressive: Quickly run out of view, up a tree, behind a boulder/rock.

MOUNTAIN LION: if approached: Look big, be loud. Don’t crouch down.





Items to consider having on the trail …

BEAR BELL: I have one on my backpack on every hike even in winter. Makes a slight jingle and lets any wildlife nearby aware of your presence and most likely they will avoid you.

BEAR SPRAY: I have personally never had to use this but do carry it when in areas prone to bear activity.

ODER PROOF BAGS: I recently was told about this product from a fellow hiker. Might be an item worth checking into to carry foods.

ANIMAL TRACKS POCKET GUIDE: I carry this with me simply for fun yet it does come in handy for being aware of wildlife activity on the trail.