Windsor Lake Trail on Hagerman Pass near Leadville, CO is a short beautiful hike. Might be short but it is strenuous! Lung and leg busting with tremendous rewards at the top.

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To catch the trail, hike across the metal bridge by the unusual black structure. Veer left, cross the creek turn right and you are on your way. 


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Windsor Lake trail, Hagerman Tunnel, Native Lake, Hagerman Pass, Leadville, Colorado

It’s so pretty, my kind of wilderness. Rushing mini waterfalls, gorgeous wildflowers, and a magical forest. Rocky path but not yet steep until you reach the small trail sign leading you to your left.

Note: (if you miss the turn to Windsor Lake you will eventually reach the trail leading to Hagerman Tunnel). Another spectacular hike.


Now it gets fun? or not? Depends on what you enjoy. The scenery is incredible, the trail is unbelievably steep. Even for myself, an avid hiker. However, I remember it’s only about .08 miles more and I am anxious to find Windsor Lake.

A tunnel along the way keeps my husband happy since he has stopped talking to me because I mentioned this short hike that would be easy for us. Oops.

The weather is beginning to change. Slight breezes, and a faint sound of thunder rumbling from somewhere behind the high peaks.

Never underestimate the weather, bring rain gear. I prefer a rain poncho that covers me and my backpack. I find it not as confining or as sticky hot as a rain jacket. Just a tip!



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Love the feeling of awe when reaching an alpine lake. Nothing quite like it, the steep hike is already forgotten. Nested in the basin surrounded by high peaks of the Continental Divide, Windsor Lake is breathtaking. 


OSPREY BACKPACKS – after many backpacks, this has become my favorite. 

HIKING FIRST AID – a must-have!

HIKER HUNGER TREKKING POLES – Keeps your knees happy and helps with balance. 

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A lot to explore, but first the bug spray. Gosh, lots of mosquitos swarming around us. One hiker fishing, otherwise this area is ours alone. Don’t miss the ridgeline to the right of the lake. The views are beyond amazing.

NOTE: This summer has been a mosquito hangout at alpine lakes. Bring your favorite bug spray. Mine is, Sawyer Insect Repellent, which works!

Highly recommend this hike. One of the prettiest summer trails we’ve hiked. It’s a popular trail in Colorado for a reason!

Acclimate to Colorado’s high altitude, and bring all the hiking essentials. Can’t stress enough to keep hydrated! Check out > appropriate hiking gear, a list of what and why we have our backpacks loaded on every trail.

A non-essential item but one I always carry and use is an ultralight seat pad. It was a gift; I love it for lunch and snack breaks.


2.2 miles out and back

Steep and strenuous!

Located: Hagerman Pass

Lake elevation: 11,640″

Nearest town: Leadville, CO

Mt. Massive Wilderness

No restrooms

Open to leashed dogs

Leadville Ranger District

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Can't wait to see you on the trail!

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